Phil Navatsyk @philnavatsykphoto

Whattup doe! I’m Phil – I’m a photographer, marketer, and, as you probably guessed, avid traveler. I love nothing more than photographing beautiful landscapes all over the world. Whether that means waking up before sunrise to hike to an isolated view, or staying up all night in the Arctic Circle, I love the journey to the perfect photo. So far, my favorite place in the world is New Zealand. I’ve been there twice, and nothing has quite compared to the insane natural beauty of the Land of the Long White Cloud.

Besides photography, I love to live close to the edge when I’m traveling. Not ON the edge, but close to it. So I enjoy skiing down black diamonds at a relatively controlled pace. I’m a big fan of little-to-no-current scuba diving – though some of my bucket list spots are more advanced, so ya boi needs to get better. I’ve gone skydiving twice over Middle Earth, bungee jumped with some Kiwis, and cliff jumped into the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea. If it’s a mostly safe adrenaline rush, you can bet I’ll try it! My wife is too fantastic for me to be risking too much – speaking of her…

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