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Capri, An Italian Paradise

Imagine yourself hidden away on a tiny island off the coast of Italy. The warm, Mediterranean sun shines down on a landscape surrounded by blooming flowers and lemon trees in every direction. You spend your days navigating tight streets around colorful, hillside houses with nothing but a bottle of limoncello in hand. With every turn you take, you are rewarded with a new angle of jaw dropping views of boats scattered amongst the sparkling sea. The end of each day is met with some of the most outstanding food on Earth while enjoying an incredible sunset at a cliff side table. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Perfect is a word that seemingly goes hand in hand with Capri. This famous island is one of the most romantic and beautiful places you will ever visit.

How To Get There

There is only one way to get to Capri, and that is by boat. That is unless you’re some billionaire tycoon who owns a helicopter. The island itself is too small to support an airport and is only a 50 minute ferry ride away from Naples and the rest of the Amalfi Coast. A one way ticket to Capri goes for about 21.50€. The tickets can be purchased online or from the ticket kiosk at the ferry terminal. You should purchase tickets at least a day before hand. I recommend departing from the Molo Beverello terminal in Naples as they are 30 minutes faster and much more frequent. This link will take you to the ferry schedule and prices.

Capri Town

Your first steps onto the island will take you through the main port of Capri Town. This area is bustling with tourism and quite overcrowded during the day. It is the best spot on the island as a take off point as it is the main hub for buses, taxis, and renting a boat.

Although Capri Town is beautiful and worth exploring, it is not the place to stay long term on a visit to Capri. Prices sky rocket and there are seemingly too many tourists at the island’s main port as most of them are day trippers. Avoid the lines and business of Capri Town and explore the rest of this stunning island. You should only use Capri Town as your hop off point.


Located at the top of the Western part of the island, this charming town is much more quiet than the main port of Capri Town. As most people who visit Capri are day trippers, Anacapri is a good spot to get away from the majority of the tourists on the island. This town is a good place to go for anyone who enjoys some peace and quiet or is traveling on a budget. Not only one of the best spots to stay for a longer visit, this small piece of the island is full of quaint streets, charming shops, delicious restaurants and best of all, one of the most stunning views on the island.

As Anacapri sits on the top of a plateau, it delivers incredible views of the surrounding Gulf of Naples, and the view from the top of the path leading down into Capri Town steals the show. Located next to the Villa San Michelle is a walking path full of steep steps that will lead you down to Capri Town along the Scala Fenicia path. From this lookout, you will be awestruck with views of the crystal clear waters and the rest of the island below. On a clear day, it is easy to see the Amalfi Coast, Naples, and Mt. Vesuvius in the distance. Hiking up this pathway to Anacpari might be difficult, but it is easy to walk down. If you don’t want to walk, you should at least visit the top portion to enjoy the scenery. (First image of this post is the lookout view)

Where To Eat

Ristorante Panorama table side view

As Capri is in Italy, you know the food is going to be amazing. There are two restaurants that stand out. Ristorante Panorama is located about 20 minutes walk up the hill from the main port of Capri Town. 

If the lemon and flower covered archway entrance to this restaurant isn’t beautiful enough, just wait until you have a cliff side view from your table of the Amalfi Coast and Mt. Vesuvius. The restaurant is named Panorama for all the right reasons.

Seafood Linguine

By the way, the food is outstanding. It is hard to beat Italian food, especially on the coast. The seafood is always served up fresh onto your plate while mixing it with some pasta makes the perfect combination.

Another great spot for food is Da Gelsomina. Located on the backside of the island near Parco Filosofico, this restaurant offers incredible food and stunning views. Although it is completely hidden away from the rest of the island, this restaurant is hard to get a seat for the sunset as the views are outstanding. The restaurant does not only play host to dinner guests, but those looking for a quiet and peaceful B&B during their stay on Capri. The restaurant is located near Anacapri as it is about 20 minutes walk through some thick vineyards. Sadly, I did not take any pictures of the restaurant as I was too busy stuffing my face with incredible food and wine, but you can follow the link below for a more in depth look at Da Gelsomina.


“When life gives you lemons, limoncello…” Or however it goes. Capri and the surrounding area is the birthplace of the delicious and refreshing spirit. A walk around the island is enough to explain why. Lemons trees are scattered through out the hills and backyards of houses. It seems like everyone that owns property on the island has their own tree to produce some limoncello. 

Make sure to go to Limoncello di Capri when visiting the island. Located at the top of the island in the small town of Anacapri, this is some of the best liquor you will ever taste. Instead of drinking water, I can admit that I have spent most of my time walking around Capri drinking directly from the bottle of this limoncello. From my tastebuds’ perspective, it stands alone as the best aperitif to a nice Italian dinner.

Rental Boats

The best way to see Capri is by circling around the island on your own boat. While the price of renting a boat may seem out of reach, it is much easier and cheaper than you’d think. There are boat services all over the main port of Capri Town. The second you get off the boat, it is likely that you are going to be asked if you want to rent a boat.

Ignore all of the people at first and walk to the end of the dock. Turn right past the ticket kiosk and down towards the water and beach. There will be a sign that says, “Rent a Boat”. You can rent a boat from 2 hours to a full day. Prices start around 80€ for 2 hours and go up an additional 10€ for each hour. I recommend 3-4 hours as it only takes about an hour and a half to circle the island. The extra time can be used for jumping into the water for a little swim or visiting the many grottos that have formed in the gorgeous rocks. Don’t forget your camera, the scenery of the landscape is breath taking.

Boat Tours

If you don’t want to spend the extra money or just don’t feel comfortable driving your own boat, then there are plenty of tours. I have done both a tour and rented a boat, both are great options. It really depends on what you want. A tour will of course be a little crowded, but the guides do a great job pointing out some cool things and give a nice explanation of the island. They will take you through Faraglioni (Lover’s Arch), passed by Calvin Klein’s yacht and park you next to Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto) for those that want to enter.

Grotto Azzurra

This tiny grotto (cave) is home to the brightest blue you will ever set eyes on. You truly have to see it to believe it. Although there is typically a long line to enter as boats line up with pleading tourists, the wait is worth it. To enter, you have to wait your turn for an Italian man to row up to you in his tiny rowboat and ask if you would like to come with him. I know, it sounds kind of ridiculous.

You then get out of your boat and step into the much smaller vessel. You are quickly rowed over to the very small opening of the cave and yanked inside by a metal chain. Once inside, the sound of men singing Opera echoes off of the walls while the water twinkles in a bright, fluorescent blue. This is created from the light at the opening of the grotto. It only lasts about three minutes, but it is an awesome experience. If the water levels are too high or rough, the Blue Grotto will be closed.


Perhaps the symbol of Capri, Faraglioni, or Lover’s Arch in English, lies off the Southern part of the island, opposite of the main port of Capri Town. Faraglioni is made up of 3 sharp rocks, jutting from the ocean, with the center structure formed as a natural archway.

This archway is not only beautiful, it is seen as a portal of love. The locals have a myth that if you take a boat ride through the archway with a significant other, your love will last forever. However, for the magic to work, you have to kiss the exact person as you pass through the famous rock and wish for eternal love. You can imagine how many couples this rock draws on a daily basis.

No people, I did not kiss my dad. However, I did kiss my cameras and bottle of limoncello.

The Rocks

It is hard to find rock formations like this anywhere else. Capri is well known for its incredibly steep cliffs and unique formations. A ride around the island by boat will take you up against these giant cliffs as they make up about half of the island.

Too many people visit Capri hoping for beaches. As Capri Town is home to a small beach, that is nearly impossible to find anywhere else on the island. Capri is best enjoyed from the water as the views of these rock formations are endless. If you want to swim, jump off of these rocks or go searching for a nice cave (grotto) to yourself.

The Roads

If you don’t want to walk the steep hills of Capri, then the only way to get around town is by car. As the roads may be beautiful, they are also very dangerous. Driving a car of your own should not be on your wish list while visiting Capri as the roads should be navigated by someone with the knowledge of their tight curves and the experiences of riding along the edge of a cliff. It might be a little freaky at first as the drivers fly around the tight curves at a high speed, but it starts to become fun. As the drivers make their way around each bend, they honk their horns make sure there is no one else on the other side of the blind spot. With each and every move your driver makes, you are rewarded with more and more views of the outstanding scenery. The only down side of a taxi ride is the cost. Drivers take advantage of being the only ones who can truly navigate the roads and will not budge in being talked down in price. So if you’re okay with a little bit of a work out walking around the many hills of the island, go for it.

The Money

When talking about Capri, it is very difficult to not talk about money. As most people think Capri is too expensive to visit, they are wrong. Capri can easily be done on a budget, but it is nice to spend a little bit of money and enjoy its luxuries.

Year after year, the island plays host to some of the richest and most famous people in the world. Mansions have been distributed through out the island upon cliffs with incredible views. Gigantic yachts are dispersed across the sparkling blue waters and along the rocky coast. If I had millions of dollars I would probably invest in some real estate in Capri as well.

The Sunsets

What better way to end the day at one of Italy’s most beautiful destinations than by taking in the gorgeous sun set? While Capri is full of stunning views from every angle, one of its best is from Parco Filosofico. This small park offers views to the backside of the island that most don’t see. On your left, you have Farglioni and the Amalfi Coast in the background, while on the right you have the Faro Di Punta Carena lighthouse. There are not many more places in the world with a panorama like this.

Have you ever visited Capri or want some more information? You can email me at or message me on Instagram @travelingle for any questions or more info. Please comment below to let us know about your next adventure to the incredible island of Capri! =)

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