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MMTours: Faroe Islands

If you have yet to hear about the Faroe Islands, the time is now. This small archipelago is ready for its booming tourism. The Faroese people are very open to the spike in tourism and even building a larger dock in the capital, Tórshavn, in preparation for larger cruise ships. As the popularity of these islands continues to grow, the space is becoming limited and the prices are beginning to soar. There is no better time to embark on an adventure in this wonderland, and no better way than with a tour. While there are more travel companies opening up their doors everyday in the Faroes, the best group is undoubtedly MMTours.


This travel business was started by best buds, Magnus Matras and Mikkjal Thomsen, when they were tired of their more typical, everyday jobs. While Magnus was spending his days at an oil rig in Norway, Mikkjal remained at home in the Faroes behind a computer. The realization came between the two of them that it was time to take advantage of the beauty of their home, and combine it with something they love. Their passion for the culture of the Faroe Islands and its beautiful, dramatic scenery is on full display through out each of their tours. 


In addition to Magnus and Mikkjal, the full team is made up of some other awesome personalities. Harry, brother of Magnus, serves as a guide on most tours. He is very knowledgeable about the Faroe Islands and always happy to provide any extra info about the culture or local football ;).


For a more historical approach, Jógvan Thomsen delivers his extended knowledge through commentary about the Vikings. This guy knows his stuff. Ask him any question about vikings, history or religion in the Faroe Islands and he will provide the answer. You don’t need internet or google when Jógvan is around. 

Next, possibly the most popular guide among the guests, is Óli Breckmann. This extremely beloved, Ex-Faroese politician is intelligent, witty, charming and even a bit controversial at times. All the ingredients needed for a hell of a good time. It is impossible to not enjoy a tour with the commentary provided by Óli. He always has something to say and keeps things interesting. This guy could read a phone book and keep your attention. Lastly, my good bud, Jóhan Højgaard. When Jóhan isn’t off sailing the seas and fishing, he serves as a driver for MMTours. This guy is cool, charming and always dressed to impress. It is very easy to get to know Jóhan and spend some time laughing. Combine these different personalities together with this group of guys and you have one of the best tour companies out there.

To get a better look into what I saw during my week long adventure with MMTours, check out this photo gallery. This gallery displays each of the locations we visited during their 6 day package of the islands.


What is there to be said about MMTours that has not already been said through my photos and videos? These guys do it right. While many tour companies throw you on a bus and rush you around without truly introducing a culture, MMTours does the opposite. Even with one of their daily excursions, you have the ability to get to know the guides on a more personal level. You will have comfort while enjoying the adventures in a relaxed atmosphere. They are always open to answer any questions as you have the freedom to ask. The fun, adventure-filled and cultural atmosphere created by this group of guys sets MMTours apart from the rest.

I have been on many tours in the past, especially through out Europe, and can admit I have not truly enjoyed most of them. Excursions are typically overcrowded and I often feel that my time is rushed. With MMTours, it is not the case. The groups are small while you receive freedom and the amount of time needed to experience the culture or landscape you are visiting. Faroe Islands is not a large area on a general scale, but the overall size of the landscape is massive. There is so much to see, explore, and learn. 

MMTours has done everything in their power to create unique, daily excursions that allow each guest to experience as much as possible. Seeing that a daily excursion may not be enough for most visitors, they have created packages to allow guests a combination of their daily excursions into a bigger and longer adventure. These packages feel like summer camp. You get to know each of the guides more personally while tagging along with some of the other guests whom have purchased a package deal as well. Not only is each day stunning, but a new adventure into something you haven’t yet seen. Here are some in depth looks at each of their daily excursions. I recommend purchasing the 6 day package to truly get to know the Faroe Islands through each of these tours.

On Mondays, you will ride along “The Golden Circle”. This tour lasts about 10 hours and takes you through some of the best scenery in the Faroe Islands including Saksun, TjørnuvíkFossá and Slættaratindur. The hike to the top of Slættaratindur, the highest mountain in the Faroes, is the highlight among a day full of adventure. The hike up is epic and the views from the top are absolutely breath taking.

On Tuesdays, you will embark on an adventure to the Island of Mykines, also known to many as the bird or puffin island. The terrain of Mykines is jaw dropping and you even have the opportunity to get up close to a massive puffin colony. I can happily say that I had never felt as in touch with nature like the day I visited Mykines.

On Wednesdays, you will explore through out the Northern Islands of StreymoyEysturoyBorđoyKalsoyViđoy and Kunoy while stopping in towns such as KlaksvíkViðareiði and Kunoy. The highlight of this day is the hike to the stunning Kallur Lighthouse. The cliffs and ocean surrounding the tiny hilltop perched light house are one of a kind.

On Thursdays, you will head out to the Vestmanna Bird CliffsVestmanna is a beautiful village north of the capital, Tórshavn. The surrounding area plays host to some very impressive landforms, including massive cliffs. Trøllkonufingur is the biggest focus on this day as this intense landform stands tall while being crashed into by violent waves of the Northern Atlantic.

On Fridays, you will have a photography tour amongst some of the most famous and picturesque landforms in the Faroe Islands. An adventure to the island of Vágar will put you in a photographers paradise. Weather permitting of course, you will explore views of Drangarnir and Tindhólmur, Múlafossur and Sørvágsvatn. If you’re looking for places that you thought were only possible in your dreams, you are headed in the right direction.

Lastly, on Saturdays, you will make your way out to the Southern Island of Sandoy for a Viking adventure. This destination will teach you about Faroese history, including viking legends. Not only will you have the opportunity to go back in time, you will be surrounded by the everlasting beauty of the island. If you are interested in Faroese culture and the picturesque, turf covered houses, this day is for you.

While there are more and more traveler’s each day thanks to Social Media platforms such as Instagram, many places are losing their charm. Tourism is growing and crowds are building. In a world that seems to have less and less hidden gems on a daily basis, the Faroe Islands truly remain to be one of them. Only time will tell if this incredible archipelago will take a hit from its incoming waves of tourism, but I don’t think so. The beauty is not going anywhere and the culture will remain strong. This land is passionate. It’s people are proud and not scared of anything. They are ready to take anything that comes their way and happy to show off their one of a kind, breath taking home. A group such as MMTours embodies the true nature of the Faroe Islands. I visited hoping for good weather and a nice time, as I left with new, life long friends, knowing I will be back. Throw the Faroe Islands on your list of places to see, and when you do, contact MMTours. If you don’t, well, you can remember that I told you so 😉

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