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MMTours Thursday Excursion: Vestmanna Cliffs

A Thursday excursion with MMTours will take you on an adventure to the Vestmanna Bird Cliffs. Vestmanna is a beautiful village north of the capital, Tórshavn. The surrounding area plays host to some very impressive landforms, including massive cliffs. MMTours makes it really easy on their guests by picking them up at their hotel. If the hotel is out of the way, a very close destination will be provided for as a meeting point. The day tour is about 7 hours in length.

Tórshavn Harbor

The tour begins with a ride out of  the capital, Tórshavn, while listening to the voice of your guide. On Thursday, it is very likely that Harry will be on the mic. Harry is the brother of one of the founders, Magnus, and provides some great background about the islands. He is very intelligent and is always ready to answer any questions you may have about the islands or Faroese culture in general.


Once on the bus, you will make your way North towards Vestmanna with a few stops along the way. If the weather is permitting, the guides will make sure to stop in plenty of places so that you can enjoy the gorgeous scenery. One of the best stops MMTours makes with most of their tours is called, Norðadalsskarð. From here, you are offered a view into the small and distant island of Koltur. Norðadalsskarð may be one of the best views in all of the islands on a clear day. You are surrounded by a lush mountain valley while looking onto the ocean. Don’t forget your cameras!

A view into Koks

The next stop will be in another valley where you can enjoy the views of a fjord. In the distance, you can see the world famous Michelin star restaurant, Koks. This restaurant is in such high demand that you need to book your reservation months in advance. As the tourism and popularity of the Faroe Islands grows, so does the waiting list for Koks. Check out their menu @


After wishing you had made reservations a year ago, you are again whisked away onto the bus and on the way to your next destination. Leynar is a very small village, similar to many others through out the Faroe Islands. As do the rest of the villages among the islands have, Leynar is full of its own sense of charm and beauty. A unique attribute to this village is the tiny bridge over top of the waterfall offering views into the cove that it has been built around.


Following these photo stops, you will make your way to the final and main destination, Vestmanna. This is the location in which you will board a small ferry that will guide you up close to the Vestmanna cliffs. The scenic ferry trip is about 2 hours in length, get your sea legs ready. If you have some time while waiting to board the ferry, grab a bowl of the fish soup in the restaurant next to the ferry dock. They claim to have the World’s best fish soup. I don’t know if I would call it the “World’s Best”, but it is truly delicious as well as a perfect treat on a chilly day.

Back, right side of the ferry looking back into Vestmanna

Once aboard the ferry, try to get a spot on the right side as this is where you will be exposed to the best views. It is also better to not go up the stairs for a seat, rather remain in the back portion of the boat. There will be less people and you will have a lot more space.

The boat captain will take you along the cliffs as close as he can get for a nice ride, depending on weather of course. If the water is calm enough, you will be able to enter into a few see caves. We had a clear day, but once the wind picked up a little bit we were drenched in mist from the ocean and the boat became very rocky. Many people were feeling a bit sick, but it only adds to the true nature of the Faroes. Less people standing meant more opportunity to take photos for me ;).

Keep your eyes open as you ride along the shoreline. The cliffs are home to many species of birds, with the most popular being the puffin. The puffin colony is not as large here as it is on Mykines, but you will still have an opportunity to spot a few.


The main event on this ferry tour is Trøllkonufingur, or the “Troll Woman’s Finger”. This unique natural work of art stands 313 meters tall, demanding the surrounding scene. On a clear day, the “Witches Finger” can be seen from many different places, but it was only fitting on this day to be shrouded in fog and mist.

The incredibly dangerous and sheer cliffs of the finger have only been successfully climbed by 11 people. Only the most daring can make it to the top here, and it must be weather permitting. Waves crash into Trøllkonufingur all day, making it more and more dangerous as time passes. Although it may be a unique and beautiful sight, it is one not to mess with. Everyone aboard the ferry is asked to wear a helmet just incase any debris falls from the sheer cliffs of Vestmanna and Trøllkonufingur.

After completion of the ferry ride back in the town of Vestmanna, you will be served your daily lunch by MMTours. The lunch is either a smoked salmon or chicken sandwich. I ate the smoked salmon everyday and can admit that I never became tired of it. How can you go wrong eating smoked salmon in the Faroe Islands whilst being surrounded by the views? As you are most likely a little bit chilly and cold at this point, you will be able to chow down on your sandwich in the warmth of the van. To add to your warmth, you have the option of enjoying one of the best things that MMTours provides, some local beer. Black Sheep is my favorite, but Slupp is delicious as well. The what I like to call, “celebration beer” is a great touch that not enough tour groups provide. It only adds some light and happiness to a tour and is always very refreshing after a long day exploring.

The day concludes with another ride through the amazing landscape of the Faroes with more commentary provided by Harry or another guide based on availability. MMTours will drop you off in the same place you started. Don’t forget to book your tour for the next day if you didn’t get the package deal! The photography excursion to the island of Vágar is one you cannot afford to miss!

To book your tour to Vestmanna, follow the link below

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