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MMTours Tuesday Excursion: Mykines

A Tuesday excursion with MMTours will take you on an adventure to the Island of Mykines, also known to many as the bird or puffin island. Mykines is said to receive the least amount of rain and best weather compared to the rest of the islands. This particular island is home to a massive puffin colony as well as many other species of birds. MMTours makes it really easy on their guests by picking them up at their hotel. If the hotel is out of the way, a very close destination will be provided for as a meeting point. The full day tour is about 10 hours in length.

Tórshavn Harbor

The tour begins with a ride out of  the capital, Tórshavn, while listening to the voice of your guide. On Tuesday, it is very likely that Harry will be on the mic. Harry is the brother of one of the founders, Magnus, and provides some great background of the islands. He is very intelligent and always ready to answer any questions you may have about the islands or Faroese culture in general.

Ferry Ride views into Bøur

Once on the bus, you will make your way out to the island of Vágoy, where you will board a ferry in the town of Sørvágur. While you will probably be thinking ahead about the opportunity to meet some puffins, don’t forget to enjoy the ferry ride. Although it may be cold, it is worth every second. Try and stand on the right side for the best views.


If it is a calm day, the boat will take you right past Drangarnir, a famous and beautiful arch standing alone in the ocean. Behind Drangarnir is Tindhólmur. If the sea arch isn’t appealing enough to you, these jagged rocks and incredibly steep cliffs should make your jaw drop.


I can’t think of another place in the world that is home to random mountain, covered in lush grass, with pointy rocks shaped into a crown sticking out of the water in its lonesome. Words are hard to describe these two landforms, “unimaginable” should work. The rest of the ferry ride takes you along rock faces and cliffs, but Drangarnir and Tindhólmur absolutely steal the show.

Mykines Village

Upon arrival at Mykines, you will follow your guides up the stairs and into the town. From here you are greeted with some water and a small lunch, (more of a snack), to take along on the hike. Before heading out to the path, make sure to spend some time walking around the town itself. As many towns are in the Faroes, this one is unique and has its own bit of charm. Moss covered roofs and wooden structures built to sit upon a cliff, overlooking the ocean and green hills in the distance.

View back into Mykines Village

The area is surrounded with handmade stone walls to herd sheep as agriculture is a necessity on the island. After some time exploring, it is time to hike. Keep in mind, this is indeed a hike.

Mykines Cliffs

Too many people think there is some cement path that is going to take you above the cliffs and hills directly to the light house at the other end point of the island within minutes. Traveling to the Faroe Islands with a pair of designer boots is probably not your best option. This is nature at its best, enjoy it.

I had never felt more in touch with nature as I did on this day in Mykines. The hike begins by ascending up a steep slope of grass. Here you will pass by some sheep as views start to open up to the rest of the island. A few Puffins may begin to fly around your head, but that number will continue to steadily grow.

The scene then opens up into an incredible view of the path leading up a grassy hill. This is a perfect spot to stop and take some photos.

After your camera is full, make your way over the small hill, and down towards the water where there will be a bridge. If you’re adventurous enough, there is a fork in the path that leads you out to a tiny peninsula shaped cliff. This spot overlooks the ocean and provides another view into the distant light house. 

Trail into Puffin nesting

Continue to follow the path down. Just before the steps leading to the bridge, there is a hill covered with holes on your right. This area is puffin paradise. The best way to enjoy the puffins is by allowing the rest of the group to get way ahead of you.

The adorable birds won’t be as active if there are a lot of people walking around. I stayed back on the first hill for photos and videos, allowing me to have the puffins at the bottom of this hill all to myself.

I sat down and watched as they flew around from every direction, entering their burrows to guard their egg. During the breeding season, each puffin couple lays one egg. They then take turns protecting and warming the egg.

They are incredibly gorgeous as well as ridiculously cute. It is very enjoyable to watch them clumsily fly around, flapping their wings as hard as possible to stay in the air. They circle the area a few times before engaging in a crash landing into their burrows.

Path to Mykines Hólmur Lighthouse

After you have had enough, which there never truly seems to be enough time to enjoy these little guys, you can make your way across the bridge onto the other part of the island. Follow the path and it will lead you directly to the lighthouse.

Mykines Hólmur Lighthouse

The light house is the stopping point where you will enjoy your snack. If the path wasn’t gorgeous enough the first time, you are able to take it right back. To hike out and back to the light house with the group takes about 3 hours. There are plenty of places to stop for a rest if needed.

One of many new friends made along the hike

I would identify the hike as medium in difficulty. There are some steep spots that add to the trek. If you aren’t used to hiking or walking a lot, it may be more difficult. Wear the proper shoes and clothes. It can be cold, wet and muddy.

Fresh Salmon Soup

After the walk back, MMTours will provide you with a delicious meal. Although the natural beauty and wildlife of the island is jaw dropping, the meal service is right up there as one of the most memorable parts of the tour. The local that you meet on this tour is Johán. He is a very nice guy and makes what is the best soup I have ever eaten. It could have just been the atmosphere around the town, or maybe it was because I was hungry after a long hike and a ton of pictures. No, the soup was that good. Johán says that the recipe includes, fresh salmon, carrots, onions, garlic, and even some peaches. It was very fresh, filling and perfect for the chilly occasion. 

Fresh Homemade Rhubarb Pie

After we were nice and filled up, which I honestly could have eaten another cauldron more of this magical concoction, Johán served up some really nice coffee. The coffee was accompanied by a local and homemade rhubarb pie. This dessert was made organically with everything locally grown on the island. No added sugar, just sweetness from the fresh rhubarb. I am not a big pie guy, but I can tell you that it was so good I went in for seconds.

After finishing up your meal, you can go into a little shop for souvenirs. They have some really unique things sold at good prices. Souvenirs aren’t too easy to find in the Faroes as touristy things hardly exist. What a wonderful place 😉

Norðadalsskarð scenic view point

After a short ferry ride back, this time on the opposite side of Drangarnir and Tindhólmur, you will make your way back onto the bus to head back to Tórshavn. The day concludes with another ride through the amazing landscape of the Faroes with more commentary provided by Harry or another guide based on availability. MMTours will drop you off in the same place you started. Don’t forget to book your tour for the next day if you didn’t get the package deal! The Northern Islands Wednesday excursion is one you cannot miss!

If the pictures didn’t do enough for you, take a look at our video of Mykines

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