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Poznan, Poland Christmas Market

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Colorful buildings, a large market square and a lot to eat, what else could you want from a Christmas Market? As Poznan is already known throughout Poland as one of the top destinations for a city getaway, its Christmas Market only adds to the popularity. Sitting as the 5th largest city in Poland, Poznan is a happening place for business, college and night life.

The city itself may not compare to the likes of Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk and Wrocław, however that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth visiting. The town is most famous for its Old Town and Market Square where you will find an abundance of colorful buildings wrapping around the Old Town Hall. Each building has been built with a different architectural style and all display an individual shade of color. The city was once a part of Germany, so expect to hear some German while walking through its streets.

The Christmas market is enjoyable as there is something for everyone. You will have no problem finding specialty Polish foods as well as unique Christmas souvenirs. The market is made up of two locations in Wolności Square and Old Town Square. You will find most of the food and drinks in Wolności whereas the Old Town Market is better for the overall views and a sight of the Christmas tree.


November 19th – December 22nd, 2020


Everyday from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm

Wolności Square Market


There are two locations for Christmas Markets in Poznan

The first location is at Wolności Square and is open from November 19th – December 22nd, 2020. The market at Wolności Square is made for both adults and families. While you can find a lot of hot wine, food and other drinks here, there are also a few amusement rides such as a ferris wheel. This market is much smaller than the one in the Old Town, so expect slow moving crowds on the weekends.

Old Town Market

The second location is in Old Town Square and is open from November 30 – December 22nd, 2020. This market wraps around most of the Old Town Square and is surrounded by beautiful and colorful buildings. You will find the Christmas Tree located at the base of the Old Town Hall and Museum of the History of Poznan. The Old Town Market is full of souvenirs, food and has plenty of free space to walk around. It is much more quiet than Wolności Square and more beautiful.


Poznan has a great selection of food, mostly of the Polish variety. You can find Polish sausages, soups, meats, specialty dishes and of course, Pierogi. It is all delicious, but I highly suggest the Gołabki and Bigos. Gołabki is one of my favorite specialties in Poland, and the Christmas Markets do it best. The recipe is quite simple as it is nothing more than stuffed cabbage, but the Polish do it right.


Bigos, also known as “Hunters Stew”, is a very popular dish served through out Poland consisting of cabbage, sauerkraut, kielbasa, pork, tomato paste, garlic, onion and sometimes more. All of these ingredients are thrown into a large pot and cook slowly until all the flavors merge together into a delicious dish. It is the perfect accompaniment, along with your hot wine, for a cold day exploring a Polish Market.


Just like every other Polish market, you will find a lot of Oscypek, a smoked cheese from the Polish mountains. The cheese is served straight from the grill, topped with some cranberry jam

Rogal świętomarciński

For those with a sweet tooth, make sure to try a Rogal świętomarciński Poznan. This pastry is shaped as a croissant and filled with nuts, raisins, poppyseeds, heavy cream and a lot of sugar. The overwhelming treat feels as if it weighs a few pounds in your hands and will quickly add a few pounds to your butt if you’re not careful. It comes fresh out of the oven weighing in at about 1300 calories per pastry. It may be delicious, but you have been warned 😉

Don’t forget to drink as much grzane wino (hot/mulled wine) as humanly possible when at any Holiday Market in Europe, especially in Poland. It can get very cold and this winter treat will not only warm you up, but add some happiness to your soul as you stroll around the gorgeous streets. The best part about it? It is very cheap, so be careful not to drink too many too fast! 😉

Christmas Tree:

The tree is beautiful and hard to miss. It stands next to the Old Town Hall, decked in colorful ornaments and lights. Try and wake up earlier in the morning to get a glimpse of the tree when no one else is around. There is something about enjoying a European Christmas Tree in silence on a cold winter’s day that is extremely satisfying.

Christmas Souvenir:

There are plenty of souvenirs through out both markets, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding something. The selection is not massive, but you will come across some beautiful glass ornaments as well as handmade Santas, wooden carvings and gingerbread men. If you are looking for something to match the city, search for goats as the city is known for Poznańskie koziołki, a display seen at the top of the clock tower of the Old Town Hall everyday at noon.

Overall Atmosphere:

The market can become a bit crowded, especially on the weekends, but the atmosphere is a lot of fun. People visit this market to have a good time and enjoy the holidays. Expect a lot of drinking as many Germans visit to take advantage of the close proximity and cheaper prices of alcohol. For complete immersion into a Christmas atmosphere, find accommodation in or next to the Old Town Square as the rest of the city does not have much Christmas spirit. Poznan is a nice town for exploring, especially for a winter holiday.

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