Ryan Tingle

I am the creator of Educational Globetrotters. I have had the vision of creating a platform that would not only help people with traveling, but educate them along the way. I have been passionate about traveling for as long as I can remember. When I was 5 years old my parents put my first camera in my hands and the rest was history. I traveled through out the United States and Canada through out high school with my hockey team and it was not until I was 18 I really started to branch out.

After I graduated High School, I took a trip down to Costa Rica along with my Spanish class and really fell in love with traveling while documenting it through my writing, photography and videos. I spent the next few years growing my experience more and more with education through the means of coaching Ice Hockey and student teaching. After graduating college, I took my first trip overseas in the summer of 2014. I knew from that point on the goal was to combine my love for travel and education into one.

Since that trip, I have been to another 40 countries across the Americas and Europe. I spent a year working on a cruise ship sailing the Mediterranean and Caribbean working with children. An experience like no other job, I was able to expand my cultural horizon. Shortly after, I made my way down south to spend a year and a half living in Mexico City to work as a Second language English teacher. This incredible experience did nothing but push my passion more and more to unite travel and education. It was finally when I went backpacking in Europe for 40 days during the summer of 2018 that I realized it was time to bring it all together.

This adventure has always been a dream of mine, to create a platform that would inspire others in many ways. I want for people to not only desire to visit the famous destinations of Rome, Paris and Tokyo, I want them to see the beauty in the unexpected such as Poland and Mexico. I am the kind of person that is always willing to do whatever it takes to get the shot and experience for telling the story. I promise that these stories will inspire you on your next adventure!

To see more of my adventures, check out my photo gallery on ryantinglephoto.com, Instagram @travelingle, Facebook and videos on my youtube channel

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