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Top 10 Travel Dislikes

I LOVE to travel. Exploring the world has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. While I am always excited to visit and learn about a new destination or culture, there are of course plenty of things that bother me along the way as well. Let’s be real here, you think about this stuff too, you just won’t say it out loud. Let’s try to not be offended and enjoy the rant. Here is the list counting down my least favorite things about traveling.

10. Umbrella People

Do you really need to take an umbrella everywhere you go? I understand if it’s pouring down rain, but when it is 90 degrees and sunny in Italy..? It isn’t the actual umbrella that bothers me, it’s the person holding the devilish contraption. There is no umbrella etiquette. When people walk past you, raise the umbrella high above your head to make a path for others to walk through. Instead, this typically seems to be impossible as “Umbrella People” would rather keep it low and drill you in the face.

Obviously trying to find that perfect Instagram shot…

9. Instagram

For the most part, Instagram is awesome, if it is used “properly”. I like to use mine on a daily basis to post photos, videos, blogs and advertise as much as possible. I love to display my photography and the places I travel to. On top of that, it is a great way to discover new destinations and create relationships with others that have the same interests. That being said, it sometimes ruins traveling as most don’t have that same mind set. While many people never even knew Iceland existed until recently, it has become a tourism hotspot where its visitors somehow don’t understand how a climate like this could be so cold and rainy in June. Thanks to Instagram, once tranquil landscapes are now overcrowded. And let’s not forget all of the selfies. I obviously take them too, but I try to limit them to very exotic locations with a GoPro. Maybe we can relax on the duck faces.

Here is a list of some of the different selfies we love. 2019 is something else.

Photography is beautiful, but what is behind the lens can sometimes be off-putting. How many people do you see faking themselves on Instagram just to garner attention? I have heard people say they hated Italy, England and Mexico, but their Instagram post talks about how wonderful these places are. Not only do they not enjoy the places and culture, they spend their time gathering in one spot for a selfie. Tell the truth, stay home, and stop overcrowding a destination that others want to appreciate just so you can get your skin care product for 20% off.

8. Missing Home

While traveling is always fun, it can take a toll on your mind and body after awhile. As I am always having fun and enjoying the adventure, I do miss being home. The stability of having my own bed to wake up in everyday or relaxing with some coffee on a Sunday morning is glorious. A Friday night after a long week of work is welcomed by binging movies and tv shows. Having my OWN car to get around in or a long term gym membership is quite valuable. Above all, I miss my friends, but especially my family. I make sure I am not abroad for too long of a period at a time, and I always bring home gifts when I return.

7. Ryanair (and other cheap airlines)

Ryanair is the worst airline, I’m sorry, COMPANY ever… They offer cheap flights, and you definitely get what you pay for. If your flight actually exists, or the plane even comes close to arriving on time, the in flight experience is garbage. My most recent experience with Ryanair involved a fake storm over the United Kingdom that no other airline had trouble flying through, because it wasn’t real… After having a cancelled flight, it becomes very difficult to find your way back home. They promise to refund you, but you never see that money. Before you know it, you will start receiving letters from lawyers around Europe trying to “help” you out. It’s a scam, and much better to spend $150 on a good airline rather than that good looking $25. Trust me, if you spend $25, it will turn into a minimum of $300 or more after you will seemingly need to book another flight when your previous gets cancelled. If you don’t believe me, have fun reading their Facebook comments 😉

6. Being American

Hey, I’m American. I love our country. I love our people. I am proud to be American. How can I not be? We have great craft beers, barbecue and sports, it’s magical. However, most Americans are awful at traveling and we are infamous for it. Americans are seen as being loud, demanding, aggressive, cocky, rude, annoying and of course, rich. Because of this, Americans are often looked down upon when traveling. A lot of people from certain countries will completely ignore us just because of our nationality. I am not going to point anyone out, I’m doing enough of that already. As Americans have a bad reputation, I go through a lot more trouble than I would like. I constantly have to deal with scams and rude people. I typically tell people I am Canadian, and it sadly works wonders. Hopefully we can be more respectful.

This person can’t differentiate “then” and “than”, but that’s another story

5. People Who Don’t Do Research

How do you plan to go somewhere and not know a thing about the destination…? Too many people go places knowing little or nothing about the culture, landscape, weather and overall location. It is mind blowing to me when people travel to a cold place, but don’t bring a jacket, then proceed to complain about the weather. Wait, you don’t like Mediterranean food, but went to Greece? My best example of this was watching people hike in Cinque Terre, Italy while wearing flip flops and cranking a baby stroller up the rocky cliffs. Really? Seriously? It doesn’t take much time to look up a place before you go, or ask someone that has already been there. I get messages every week from friends about different places I have been. There should be more of that. Good job, friends! You don’t fit into this category!

4. “Touristy” Spots

Nobody travels to be surrounded by massive hoards of human beings that completely take over the views and atmosphere of a destination. At least, I hope not… While some tourist spots absolutely draw my attention, I can’t handle the amount of people they attract. I like the authenticity of a destination. I could care less that Game of Thrones was shot in Dubrovnik. I visit Croatia for the culture, food, and scenery, not the Hollywood set-up. 

On top of the large amount of gawking tourists, “touristy” spots are crowded with street vendors and high prices that take away from the culture and identity. When visiting any tourist hot-bed, I do everything I can to arrive in the offseason or incredibly early in the morning before everyone else wakes up. I admit, I will do something touristy now and again. I am a big fan of buying and wearing ridiculous hats/clothes. Sometimes, the touristy vibe can add a bit of fun if you want to meet other people or go out and party, but for the most part it kills it. I love to get away from the tourism and into the unknown, it makes for a much better experience and story.

3. Scam Artists

Speaking of “touristy” spots, it is nearly impossible to visit one without a scam. When there are people and money, there are criminals. Not too much is more frustrating than traveling across the world to enjoy a new adventure, only to be followed around by a scam artist. I can’t stand it when someone identifies themselves as a “guide” and drive you nuts asking for money. On some trips, transportation can be rough. When you’re stuck with only one source of transportation, you are guaranteed a rip off. Come on man, the 7 minute taxi ride should not be more than $10, let alone $35… Remember when I complained about being American. That comes into play more than anything here. Trust me, I did not travel somewhere to give you my money. I came to explore and spend my money on food, not your fake artesian goods and tours. I could tell stories about scams forever, but they are better left untold. Never go anywhere with a lot of money in your pocket, there is always a scammer out to get you.  

2. Crying Babies On Planes

I know a lot of you think this, but won’t say it. I don’t want to offend anyone here. I’m not a parent. I have never had a kid. I cannot talk from that point of view. However, I do love kids, so don’t take this the wrong way. I would love to see airlines implement some sort seating area for families, just like they do for first class. I have had my head rest kicked way too many times and have even had parents change a diaper next to me during take off. I have had many bad experiences. Hopefully that can change when I have kids or else I am in for way too much karma for mentioning this.

Charles Bridge in Prague. Sunrise vs Afternoon

1. Large Groups and Crowds

The picture above is the famous and gorgeous Charles Bridge in Prague. This is a perfect example of how beautiful and tranquil the scene is at sunrise, while it becomes incredibly overcrowded just a few hours later in the afternoon.

I think everyone can agree on #1. Overcrowded spots and large groups can ruin a trip. They make it impossible to get around and only help prices skyrocket. Pushing and shoving, coughing and sneezing, smelly and gross. Do people really need to travel in packs? And when you do, could you please get out of they way!? 

I can’t get a grasp on why everyone travels to the same spot, at the same time, on the same day. You will always find me awake before anyone else when I visit a new destination. I like to explore the quiet streets and take in the atmosphere on my own. I am always the first one into an archaeological site or make my way to a trail head before sunrise. The middle of the day is a good time to sit back, have some food and enjoy watching the crowds battle for position. The early bird catches the worm, people.

Do you have a dislikes of travel list? Something to add? Something to take out? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @travelingle and @egtrotters for more daily travel posts!

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